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Bringing the World's
Best Manuka Honey

to you

This single-origin Manuka honey has been collected in the most remote parts, and pristine hills, forests, and coastal areas of New Zealand. Our monofloral Manuka honey has been independently tested and rated to be at least UMF 20+ (equivalent to MGO 829+). We are a member of the UMF Honey Association with license no. 2240.

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4 Great Ways To Use Manuka Honey

Drizzle on bread, yogurt, cereals, toast

Enjoy a spoonful to support immunity

Add to smoothies, shakes, juices, ice cream, or cold beverages

Apply as a DIY face mask

Different Grades Comparison of Manuka Honey

UMF 5+TABLE GRADE for daily intake, makes for an excellent nutritional supplement, has lower levels of antibacterial activity
UMF10+THERAPEUTIC GRADE with a low to medium level antibacterial activity, can be use as a supplement
UMF15+ANTIBACTERIAL GRADE with a high antibacterial activity
UMF20+SUPERIOR ANTIBACTERIAL GRADE with very high antibacterial properties, can be used for bad wounds