Maca Powder

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  • Each bag contains 100% Raw, Vegan, Non-GMO, Organic Maca Powder.

    Maca Powder: Maca root has long been a health food favorite because of its ability to provide the body with a natural increase in energy, stamina, and mental clarity. Maca has also been used to boost libido, combat stress, and assist in balancing the body's various systems. Packed with vitamins and plant sterols, this mineral-rich powder also contains essential fatty and amino acids.

    Our maca roots are hand-selected and harvested from the high elevations of the Andes Mountains of Peru. They are low temperature and minimally processed to protect the natural nutrients and flavor.

    Taste: Earthy taste with a nutty flavor

    Benefits: Energy Boost
    Essential Minerals
    Combat Stress
    Boost Libido

    Nutrition: Vitamins
    Essential Fatty Acids
    Essential Amino Acids
    Plant Sterols


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