Maqui Berry Powder

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  • Each bag contains 100% pure organic, raw, vegan, Non-GMO maqui berry powder. Whole berries are hand-picked at their ripest and freeze dried to preserve all of their natural vitamins and minerals.

    The Maqui Berry: With its intense deep purple color, the maqui berry grows in the remote mountainous regions of Patagonia, in the southernmost part of South America. Consumed by local Mapuche Indians for centuries, maqui berries have become known as a 'Super Fruit' because of the extremely high levels of antioxidants contained within each berry. This rich source of antioxidants helps contribute to healthy weight loss, improved cardiovascular health and gives the body a natural immunity boost.

    Taste: Slightly tart flavor. Similar to blackberry, blueberry and acai

    Benefits: High Antioxidants
    Energy Boost
    Immunity Boost
    Cardiovascular Health
    Anti-Inflammatory properties

    Nutrition: Vitamin C


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